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GG1 Full Upgrade and V2 Spindle Installation


Order a full upgrade for your original Ghost Gunner and we'll make it perform like a new GG2. Service includes alignment and maintenance check, installation of a new control board, improved power supply, updated firmware with improved probe sensitivity, a Version 2 spindle, and a work bay retrofit to accommodate an AR-308 lower receiver. 

Our new V2 spindle has a uni-body construction with significantly increased radial rigidity and a heat treated shaft with precision bearings that makes it 8 times more rigid and 10 times more accurate than our previous spindle with significantly reduced run-out over time. The more precise V2 spindle is required to run cut codes for the 1911. 

This is a complex installation so you'll need to send your unit to the factory. Our expert technician will repair or replace parts as necessary. Purchase covers return shipping to your address, but you'll need to ship your unit to the factory. A USB drive with the latest software and cutting codes will be shipped along with your upgraded Ghost Gunner. 

Click here for details about retrofitting an original Ghost Gunner 1 to fit an AR-308 lower receiver and where to find AR-308 cut codes customized to work with a retrofitted GG1.