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General Purpose CNC

What will you mill today?

The Ghost Gunner 3 ships with a flash drive filled with predefined cutcodes for a variety of uses, but the machine can run far more than just these items. Just like any other tool, you can use your Ghost Gunner to create anything that you desire.

The Ghost Gunner 3 runs a language called G-code, which defines how it moves and cuts. Using a CAM software like Fusion360 or FreeCAD, you can create G-code for your own project, which can then be run using our DDCut software's manual operations mode.

Engraved Bookmark
Solid copper plate
Made on Ghost Gunner 3
3D Skull
6061 Aluminum
Made on Ghost Gunner 3
Milled Circuit Board
Copper-plated board blank
Made on Ghost Gunner 3
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