The DDCut software is used to operate the Ghost Gunner milling machine. It can be run on any modern computer using the Windows or Mac operating systems. Please read below to determine which version of DDCut you need.


The latest version of DDCut. Will operate GG3, GG2 and GG1 machines.
All new customers should use this version.
DDCut V (Windows)
DDCut V (macOS)

DDCut 2017

The original version of DDCut. Will operate GG1 and GG2 machines. Will not operate GG3 machines.
DDCut (Windows)
DDCut (macOS)

Ghost Gunner 3

User Manual



DDCut V contains a built-in firmware updater.

To use, open DDCut V and click: Settings > Software Actions > Update Firmware

Ghost Gunner Design and Assembly Files

Open source resources for Ghost Gunner 3

GG3 GrblDD Uno Shield for GrblDD

Ghost Gunner 2

User Manual



For use with Windows and macOS

DD2v7 (released: Jan 28th, 2017)

Ghost Gunner Assembly Files

Open source Ghost Gunner 2 design files

GG2_ASSY (released: Oct. 1st, 2017)
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