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A tool for the Second Amendment guys!

I have retired THREE jig sets that I bought over the past several years! Ghost Gunner 2 gives excellent milling results and most important - repeatability that eliminates the human variability. No more flying metal splinters or the tedious jig process of adjusting router depth/milling/stopping/cleaning/rinse-and-repeat. Ghost Gunner 2 provides a load and go approach with minimal interruptions for readjustments. The ONLY item I added is a 20" x 15" multi-purpose plastic tray ($16) from Amazon ( ... I place the tray under Ghost Gunner 2 to ensure metal splinters remain contained under the unit making clean-up even easier. And finally, using host Gunner 2 is a HOOT!!

Randel H.


I've used my Ghost Gunner to make one thing, in the privacy of my one bedroom apartment. At the press of a button, (and some minor easy to follow setup tasks and even easier clean-up) and 3-4 hours later I have an untraceable AR-15 Lower Receiver. Highly recommended to anyone who supports the 2nd amendment.

Michael W.

Ghost Gunner 2

Awesome piece of machinery. Easy to setup and use. DDCut walks you though the whole process. I have complete a couple of AR lowers. Looking forward to ordering the 1911 jig and building one of those next. Thanks!

Matthew H.

Ghost Gunner 2

Awesome machine! Very easy to use even if you don't have a manufacturing background. The customer support is extremely awesome as well. Very happy with my machine.

Keith A.

After some use...

Dear GG, I waited to write this review till after having done a few projects. After learning a few "tricks" that shorten the set up a little, I am still unhappy about the time it takes to set everything up. Part of this due to the device and the jigs being small, cramped, and delicate. The 3 mm screws are VERY easily dropped into the inside of the device. The wrench provided needs to be at least 3 inches longer to get to the inside "T" nuts. I have arthritis in my hands so admittedly I have poor dexterity, but even so a friend without such limitations was cussing a bit trying to get the jig set-up. The whole work area needs to be bigger, more open, for adult size hands to work the tiny pieces like the mounting screws. The jigs themselves should be bigger. I found the AR15 jig is so low to the table that cutting shavings build up and short the work piece to that table, which causes the CNC to lose track of where it is. This causes the end mill to try to cut too much and causes the spindle to bog down and stop. I found if I take the chip cover off about 2/3 the way through the well cutting and vacuum the chips away, the complete cutting process will occur without incident. If the jig where thicker and held the work piece up away from the chips this would help. Another problem is the 5/32 drill. The one provided was not perfectly true so cause the holes to be slightly over size. I went to the local industrial supply house and purchased a high-end titanium bit and that solved that problem... All in all I am moderately happy with the device. After trial and error I can now produce a professional quality product, but it is not without stressing out trying to put little screws into tight places. I strongly recommend you either change your design to be easier to work on, or have an over 60 model for us old guys that need reader glasses and help with small items... Keith Abernethy

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