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To reinvent an industry, you have to build the best team. At Ghost Gunner, our teams do it all.

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Americans have been building their own unserialized and unregistered weapons since the foundation of our nation. Building your own AR15 rifle from an 80 percent lower receiver is a practice that stems from the 2nd Amendment of our constitution – and doing so without the government involvement is the idea behind “shall not be infringed”. In 2013 Ghost Gunner set in motion and established itself as the source for 80 percent receivers, frames and completed upper receivers, stocks and lower parts kits to finish every unregistered DIY weapons system that you can build and own. The items we carry in the store are the same ones we like to use ourselves, so they are self-tested and self-approved.

Our operations are based in the US and serve our industries civilian, law enforcement and competitive shooters. Our products are sold primarily through our website where we offer 24 hours email support using an advanced ticketing system.

In order to make sure our weapons system is battle ready we work with the best foundries to bring you the highest quality AR15 80% lower receivers and DPMS 308 80% lower receivers on the market. In addition we sell easy to use jigs and fixtures for completing your 80% lowers and frames.

Our mission is simple – bring home builders like you the highest quality and best looking firearms components possible. We do this by constantly looking for the best materials and by constantly evaluating our designs. We do this because it is our passion.

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