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Ghost Gunner 2.
Ghost Gunner 2.
Ghost Gunner 2.
Ghost Gunner 2.
Ghost Gunner 2.
Ghost Gunner 2.
Ghost Gunner 2.

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Made at Ghost Gunner HQ
Austin, Texas U.S.A.

Ghost Gunner 2.

Get up to 12 months of special financing

Your order will contain the fully-assembled GG2 CNC, tooling, software, and operating instructions.

We charge a $100.00 flat fee for shipping the GG2 domestically. Shipments to Canada and Mexico are an additional $100 and will be made without the inclusion of any .DD cutting files.

Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.

Ghost Gunner is a general purpose CNC mill built upon the Ardunio micro-controller.

GG2 takes it name from its second-generation, custom motion-control board, which allows it to operate as a standard CNC machine. GG2 accepts g-code from most CAM post-processors.

GG2 unibody spindles are of stainless steel construction with the ER-11 collet system integrated in the shaft. They have increased radial rigidity, precision bearing diameters, and a 10x reduced initial runout specification.

Ghost Gunner 2 uses the following DD lower files:

It is also compatible with the following g-code suites:

System Requirements
Windows XP+ or Mac OS X+
Parameter Value Unit Note
X/Y/Z travel 75/180/60.5 mm -
X/Y/Z table size 125/270/95 mm Larger X and Z possible
Spindle Power 115 W Irms limited
Spindle speed 3000-10000 rpm Variable
Weight 23 Kg ~51 pounds
T-Slot Spacing 40 mm Center-to-center
Table T-slots 2 QTY Compatible with 20 mm T-nuts
Collet system ER11 - Accepts tools up to 8 mm
Operating temp. 0-40 °C To prevent overheating
5 V current (max) 95 mA Can plug into unpowered hubs
24 V current 160 W -

** See more detailed specifications here.

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