System Requirements
Windows 7+, Mac OSX 10.13+

Parameter Value Unit Note
X/Y/Z exterior dimension 270/425/380 mm
Weight 19 Kg ~42 pounds
X/Y/Z travel 89/242/79 mm Double the GG2 build volume
Total Cutting Volume 1701.502 cm^3
X/Y/Z interior clearance 116/299/162 mm Measurements with cover on
Total Part Volume 5618.808 cm^3
Peak Spindle Power 375 W Overload protection prevents exceeding
Continuous Spindle Power 190 W Long-term average, temperature limited. Can be exceeded.
Available Cutting Power 225 W
Continuous Cutting Power 90 W
Spindle speed 3000-9000 rpm Variable, closed loop. Can apply full power at any rpm.
Max Linear Velocity 2600 mm/min 260% faster than GG2
Max Linear Acceleration 250 mm/s^2 8 times more than GG2
Spindle runout 0.0009 in Measured on tapered collet, 1mm from tip
T-Slot Spacing 40 mm Center-to-center
Table T-slots 2 QTY Compatible with 20 mm T-nuts
Max. tool length w/o crashing 3.25 in Maxium tool length that will not crash during homing
Collet system ER11 Accepts tools up to 8 mm
Operating Temperature 0-40 C To prevent overheating
Relative Humidity 0-70 % To reduce oxidation
USB Current 95 mA Can plug into unpowered hubs
Line Power 500 W
Input Voltage 90-132 or 180-264 VAC Selector switch
Input Frequency 47-63 Hz