System Requirements
Windows XP+ or Mac OS X+
Parameter Value Unit Note
X/Y/Z travel 75/180/60.5 mm
X/Y/Z table size 125/270/95 mm Larger X and Z dimensions possible depending on part geometry
Spindle Cutting Power 115 W Irms limited
Spindle speed 3000-10000 rpm Variable
Input Voltage 90-250 Vac
Input Frequency 45-70 Hz Sinusoidal
Weight 23 Kg ~51 pounds
Shipping Weight 25 Kg ~55 pounds
T-Slot Spacing 40 mm Center-to-center
Table T-slots 2 QTY Compatible with 20 mm T-nuts
Collet system ER11 Accepts tools up to 8 mm
Operating temperature 0-40 °C To prevent overheating
Relative Humidity 0-50 % To reduce oxidation
Max linear velocity 28 mm/s Simultaneous X/Y/Z Traverse
Max single-axis velocity 16 mm/s Software-limited
5 V current (max) 95 mA Can plug into unpowered hubs
24 V current 160 W