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The world's best DIY handgun.
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The G0 is a 9mm G19-style pistol whose core firearm component can be milled from an unformed block of metal in the privacy of your own home. It is the best zero percent pistol available.

Milling a G0 chassis on the Ghost Gunner is easy and automatic - no machining experience necessary. Once milled, the chassis is installed into a plastic grip module, which can be purchased or printed. The handgun is then built to completion with a standard G19 Gen3 parts kit.

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The G0 Pistol can only be milled on the Ghost Gunner 3. Purchase yours today!

Grip Module Remixes

The G0 Grip Module has been released on DEFCAD for free download. Remixes and modifications are encouraged.

Here are a few of the remixes and designs that are possible on G0.

More to come!


"Zero percent" firearms are those builds where the receiver is made from an unformed block of metal or other raw material.

For Ghost Gunner G0 pistol builds, the metal chassis is the firearm's receiver, and the G0 grip module is a non-firearm accessory component. G0 chassis may be milled on the Ghost Gunner 3 from unformed blocks of metal.

There are several benefits to making a G0 zero percent pistol:

  • Firearm Privacy. No FFL required.
  • No experience necessary. GG3’s DDCut software provides easy-to-follow instructions and is ideal for beginners.
  • Future-proofed. The Ghost Gunner platform is nearly ten years old and already tested in court.

The G0 is the best zero percent pistol design on the market. It is the only design that relies on a monolithic piece of metal. The G0 chassis unibody makes this pistol easier to build, and of much higher quality than printed or other hobby pistol builds.

The G0 chassis is a single piece that serves as the front rails, rear rails and locking block for a "glock-type" compact pistol.

After milling the G0 chassis from a raw block of metal, A G19 Gen3 fire control group is installed into the chassis and secured with two custom dowel pins.

The assembled chassis is then installed in the grip module, where it is secured with two additional roll pins.

The slide lock is installed using a coil spring, and a complete slide assembly is installed.

Once assembled, the G0 looks and operates like a G19-style pistol.

Several materials were tested when developing the G0. As of Q2 2023, GG3 supports two grades of steel, depending on which GG3 you own.

  • GG3-S owners can mill their G0 chassis from either 4140 steel or 303 stainless steel. 303 is highly machinable, affordable, and has sufficient strength to last thousands of rounds; 4140 is more expensive, but is stronger and will produce what we consider a duty-grade pistol.
  • GG3 owners (without the GG3-S hardware upgrade) are recommended to make their G0 chassis from our 303 stainless steel with altered cutcode.

Additional material choices are also being tested.

The G0 Grip Module sold by Ghost Gunner is made from SLS-printed nylon. End users can print their own grip modules in a range of materials, so long as the material has sufficient strength to operate safely. We recommend PLA+ or better.

GG3-S is a hardware and firmware upgrade to the original GG3 which unlocks the platform's ability to make more aggressive steel cuts.

The firmware upgrade is free and can be applied at any time to any GG3. Learn more at gg3s.ghostgunner.net

The hardware upgrade requires a Ghost Gunner factory upgrade to improve the machine's rigidity.

Our free firmware upgrade is required for G0 builds. The hardware upgrade is optional.
GG3 machines without the GG3-S hardware upgrade are recommended to mill low-carbon steel G0 chassis, while GG3-S machines with the hardware upgrade can mill a greater range of steel materials. Make sure you run the right code for your machine!

We have taken multiple chassis in different grades of steel well past 2,000 rounds of shooting. In all cases so far, shooting has stopped due to lack of ammo, not any mechanical failure.

Our results demonstrate a vast impovement upon "FMDA" pistols, which tends to have a lifespan of about 1000 rounds. Similarly, the G0's performance under sustained fire (several hundred rounds without stopping) is notably greater than printed pistol designs. For thease reasons, we believe the G0 is the strongest design on the market.

Zero percent firearms may seem like novel technology, but they’re nothing new, legally speaking. Under federal law, neither the Ghost Gunner CNC mill, nor any of its zero percent fixtures or build kit components can be considered firearms. While some state laws forbid the creation or transfer of homemade firearms, no federal license is required to purchase or begin working with zero percent components.

Can’t decide where or how to start? We offer the nation’s first and best home platform for learning how to CNC components at home. Hobbyists, professionals, businesses and private individuals alike enjoy our industry-defining technologies for their private purposes, and we support them all.

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