G80 Jig Set Available Now


The best desktop milling machine, now even better

17X greater cutting power for steel

4x greater rigidity

Full power across all spindle speeds

Performs slide optic cuts

Not sure what to buy? Review our GG3-S Buyer's Guide

GG3-S Buyer's Guide

Optic Cuts on GG3-S

Cut an optic mount in your pistol slide with the push of a button

1Insert your slide

2Run cutting code

3Mount optic and go

The future of firearms technology

Perform common firearms machining operations in total privacy with GG3-S

Closed-Loop Spindle Control

Our new closed-loop spindle control firmware dramatically improves your GG's cutting power and control. This feature enables an average of 17X greater cutting power on a variety of metals, and makes practical cutting even hardened steels. Furthermore, this increased power can be delivered across our entire range of spindle speeds, expanding once again the applications of the GG3. This improves our existing 80% and zero pecent cuts and makes new operations like RMR cuts possible. All this comes standard on each GG3-S.

NOTE: the closed-loop spindle is also available for all original GG3 owners! This upgrade can be downloaded and installed today via DDCut. Learn how.

4X Rigidity Body Kit

A powerful mill must also be a sturdy mill, and the GG3-S's rigidity is quadrupled with respect to the base GG3. This increased rigidity will allow for cutting operations that are both more aggressive and cleaner. This rigidity combined with the closed-loop spindle control also allows GG3-S to cut harder steels, including stainless (link to turner's cube) and even tool steels. This body kit comes standard on each GG3-S; existing GG3 machines are eligible for an upgrade program.

The GG3-S is the ideal machine for the small FFL or home builder. Get yours today.

GG3-S Explored

James and Cody highlight the new GG3-S

What will you make with GG3-S?

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